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Creating the space for you to check under the hood, and get real with your healing. This is your chance to step into the light, in a completely unfiltered way.

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  • "It's tough to describe the magnitude behind my reading with Hanna. I came out of it feeling clear, feeling lighter, and feeling so genuinely loved- after years of desperately trying to move forward through quicksand with a backpack of rocks weighing me down. I have been searching for this turning point for so long and I finally feel like I found it. I feel freed from these blinders and have clarity on how to neutralize the self limiting beliefs that are holding me back from my highest self, the one I love the most.

    Thank you for holding such supportive space for my healing, Hanna"

    -KIM, channeled reading

  • "I had a beautiful light language session with Hanna last night. I have been holding so much tension in my lower back, and she was able to clear a lot of emotional and physical pain. Waking up today without being in physical pain was so uplifting. I have had so many beautiful realizations as a result of us working together and I feel blessed to have her in my life. She is so gifted at healing and channelling.

    Thank you Hanna, you are a true blessing."

    -AMANDA, light language and life coaching client

  • "Hanna is F*@$ing BRILLIANT! I had been looking for the right practitioner for the last few months but wasn't sure what I was looking for. She came into my awareness less than a month ago and I've had some major shifts from all of our sessions. Super grateful to have met her - she'll blow your socks off! Highly recommend booking with Hanna, I look forward to our next session!

    -CASSIDY, light language client

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